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Can''t remove someone that just joined Delphi says No user   Administrative Issues

Started Apr-17 by Sassy (MrsSassy); 110 views.
Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


I have a person in my room using the name [removed] and [removed]_2 when I try to kick either of the names I get the message No user. All of my staff have also tried and all of us are getting the same message. PLEASE remove this individual I have already locked him out of the Forum but of course that does nothing until they log out. According to them they live in Morocco if that is of any value. I'd really like to know how this happens as well.

 Thanks for your help as always, Sassy

edited to add I just tried again to kick the name massine96 this time it simply said OK  However it did NOT remove him. I had the rest of the staff try and now they all got the same message that I did also. What in the world is going on and why can't any of us remove this person!

  • Edited April 18, 2021 9:14 am  by  gunter
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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Ok I finally was able to remove the person and the twin. Evidently there is a major issue with the drop down not working as it should be. Once I manually typed in to kick the user they where removed right away. However when I tried doing the exact same thing to the name with the _2 behind it I got the message saying once again no user. So what I did then was try the drop down listing and for that it worked! So I finally got both names out of the chat room. I have no clue if this issue has been reported or not or if I should re-post this in a different folder here.

Thanks for  everything, Sassy


From: gunter


Sassy (MrsSassy) said:

name with the _2 behind it

That is a 'ghost' account, when someone tries to enter immediately after losing connection, like being kicked, when the first version has not cleared completely.  Don't see either name now in your forum. 

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